Introducing the life insurtech platform made for Asia

Develop new products fast and easily adapt them to new markets and audiences

Offer your products entirely on the internet with easy policy sign-up processes

Empower your salespeople to sign up customers via any mobile phone or tablet

Quickly, easily and accurately assign customers to the right risk class with data-driven automated underwriting

Offer your policyholders online access to their accounts, which they can upgrade with the click of a button

You focus on sales,
we look after the technology

The Haven Technologies Asia SaaS team becomes your team, developing digital tools to make distributing life insurance easier, faster and more transparent.

New business

Easier/ Faster for insurers to launch new products. Faster to onboard a customer digitally

  • Powerful product factory to configure and launch products
  • Faster, and straight-through sales process for new business
  • Achieve faster speed-to-market

In force

Streamlined policy administration

  • Self-service portal helps customers help themselves - increasing customer satisfaction while reducing customer service workload
  • Automation of core policy events enables scaling up the number of policies issued
  • Policy administration interface provides a complete view of a policy’s present, past and future state, making execution of policy actions transparent and straightforward

Data science

Transparent LifeScore Labs automated underwriting

We’re the exclusive source in Asia of LifeScore Labs proven underwriting software and data science models. It’s the smart way to score insurance risk.

LifeScore Labs’ approach is built on the most comprehensive data set in the industry, LifeScore offers:

  • Mortality risk model for full underwriting
  • Predictive risk model using non-traditional data sources
  • Suite of risk models that provide an analytical view of applicant risk
  • Secure cloud-based, API access to risk models consumer transparency tool

Compelling advantages

  • Mortality risk is assessed in seconds
  • Up to 80% reduction in underwriting costs
  • At least 7% better Actual vs Expected Outcomes

LifeScore Labs products make the life insurance customer journey simpler, quicker and more transparent.

Our mortality risk models outperform manual underwriting

Learn more about algorithmic underwriting.

A full-feature SaaS ecosystem

  • White-label support
  • Multi-language support
  • Support multiple products (e.g. term life, critical illness)
  • Underwriting
    - Simplified underwriting
    - Full underwriting
  • Flexible product configuration
  • Customer account center
  • Automation
    - Policy lifecycle
    - Customer notifications
    - Document generation
  • Policy events
    - Reissue, reinstate, etc.
  • Billing and payment
    - Choice of billing date & frequency
    - Real-time
    - Online and offline settlements
  • Open API
  • Web analytics
  • Online identity verification
  • Compliance watchlist checks & monitoring
  • Fraud
  • Admin portal
  • Business insight dashboard
  • Advanced report builder
  • Enterprise-grade access control
  • SAML-based SSO
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Private cloud support
  • 24/7 support
  • Algorithmic underwriting
  • Sales conversion
  • Agency referral
  • Data Science Models via APIs
  • Mortality risk model for full underwriting
  • Predictive risk model using non-traditional data sources
  • Suite of risk models that provide an analytical view of applicant risk
  • Secure Cloud-based, API access to risk models
  • Consumer transparency tool
  • for Agents
  • Agent Training
  • Quick Quote
  • Visual Sales Tool
  • Built-In Video Calls
  • Digital Application
  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Real-time notifications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Commission Splits
  • Proxy Access for Assistants
  • Benefits for Customers
  • Interactive Illustrations
  • Create Account
  • Personalized Interaction
  • Online Payment
  • Online Self-Service
  • Benefits for Insurers
  • Application Accuracy
  • Paperless Policy Administration
  • Automated Execution
  • Digitized Customer Information
  • Data Analytics

See how easy you can expand into digital channels with our SaaS ecosystem.